Flame Foundation Kenia

We hebben Sally en Ruth ook gevraagd om af en toe iets te schrijven voor de nieuwe website en de nieuwsbrief. Uiteraard krijgen wij bijna al het nieuws uit Kenia via hen door, maar het leek ons leuk als ze daarnaast zelf wat meer achtergrondinformatie geven in een persoonlijk bericht (in het Engels).

Flame foundation fire burns high and bright in Kenya. We wish to note the power of flame foundation in Kenya assisting the vulnerable families medically, educationally and to lifting their economic lifestyle. Noting that Education is the key to life and door opener has flame moved in to assist these children.

In April 2015, we held workshops for these flame children where besides being encouraged to work hard in their education, they were also inducted on other important and lifesaving program like FIRST AID.The caretakers and the children took it keenly and saw the importance of these. We also took them through guidance and counseling.

The children were provided with sweaters and blankets for their use. The subsidy of school fees has really touched their hearts this 2nd term of the year. The gifts received from flame parents in Netherlands left smiles on their minds.

Live long Flame foundation, live long flame Board, Live long flame friends and live long the flame spirit!

May the Almighty God bless you and enrich you as you reach more hearts!