Patrick naar de universiteit

Het eerste kind uit het flame programma, dat naar de universiteit gaat. Heel erg knap van Patrick! Vorige maand is hij begonnen. Samen met Sally en Ruth is hij naar Mombassa gegaan. Lees hieronder zijn eerste ervaringen in de brief die hij zelf geschreven heeft. Onderaan de brief een paar foto’s. Ook voor Sally en Ruth een nieuwe periode met Flame kinderen die studeren (ook Tom en Lodrick). Succes allemaal!

My First Experience at the university

The day that I had been anticipating in my  life finally came to pass. This was now my choice to fulfil my dreams of taking the  course that always opted to in life.

Fist the day started well as we arrived  early at the university. I could not stop myself from making a glance at the beautiful sceneries at and in the university. I tried to touch some of the things to see if I was  really dreaming or it was a real monument.

After registration, we were addressed by some leaders in the school and then handed into the student leaders. They taught us some university rules and how to survive at the university and also the qualities to have so as to abide by the school rules and regulations.
We were then taken around the school what they termed as orientation. The place was very cool, silent and very attractive and this made me to e privileged so much.

I also enjoyed meeting people from all over the world as I try to make friendship with them and exchange ideas. This made me to start feeling at home and some kind as belonging to a good place.

We went round and round the compound until finally we arrived at the playground where we were shown different pitches. I loved the rugby pitch so much since it had more advanced than the one I was used to in our school.

The day ended by taking a meal in our school mess. I really would like to thank you for support to give me till now and may God bless you.

Yours faithfully,

Mageno L. Patrick

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