Vanuit Kenia ontvingen we een bijdrage over de impact van Corona in Kenya.

Like many other countries in the world, Kenya had been affected negatively by Covid 19 pandemic. Arrears affected include jobs, education, businesses, health, places of worship, burial and wedding ceremonies to mention just a few.

Many people have lost their lives and jobs due to corona virus. A few who are lucky can work from home or the office.

As a result of loss of jobs, many families cannot afford to buy food for everyday use.  Hence it has caused a lot of disagreement between families.

Every Kenyan must wear a mask – something unaffordable by poor families. Sanitizing and keeping social distance in public places is mandatory.

In many counties caurfew has been lifted by the government in order to help contain the situation.

Many schools lack water and sanitizer for washing hands, and maintaining cleanliness.

 If all Kenyans were able to obey all measures put in place by the government, the county would lose a few people to the corona virus pandemic.

But as things stand now the rate of death has reduced though it might accelerate during this political campaign season. The government is trying its best to contain the situation. Through the World Health Organization vaccinations against the pandemic are going on country wide.

Everyone for themselves and God for all of us.

We hope for thae best.

Greetings Sally